Yes, pits are still an allowable piece of workshop equipment, whether it be a new build, an existing pit, or an upgrade.  As with any piece of workshop equipment, a pit is required to meet standards AS/NZS.  For example, a typical truck workshop pit would be required to meet the relevant AS/NZS hazardous environment class which requires pit ventilation and safe lighting – this is not overly expensive or complicated to integrate into a pit.  Managing the risk of falls also requires addressing but there a number of options, the most efficient being the Elevating Work Platform (EWP).

(i) The EWP was designed and built to the high electrical safety standard, Australian Standards Category III AS4024.
(ii) Operation of the platform requires two (2) switches on the remote or on the control panel to be pressed simultaneously, therefore accidental activation cannot occur.
(iii) The platform will not move if the electrical control circuitry fails or communication from the radio remote is interrupted (eg other radio interference).

Nothing.  The hydraulic system is designed so the constant weight of the platform is not held by any of the flexible hydraulic hoses in the system. However, if a hose was to fail, the counter balance valve would hold the platform in its current position until the hose is repaired.

Numerous cables support the platform, each break-test rated to a load five (5) times that of the Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) of the platform. In the rare event of a cable failing, the remaining cables would safely support the load.

No, not if the Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) is going to be exceeded. However the EWP makes it easy to place and remove a pit bridge on wheels that would support the weight required for a drive-over operation, such as workshop forklift.

The “standard” EWP is designed to carry a Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) of 900kg. This would allow up to 3 personnel and a toolbox or vehicle components (eg differentials or a gearbox) to be supported.

Two (2) alarms are activated when the hydraulic system is in use; an audible alarm and a flashing light.

As pits come in all shapes and sizes, each EWP is individually custom designed and built. Ideally, 6 metres would be the minimum length for fitment. For long pits either a full-length platform or two (or more) independent platforms can be designed. A deeper pit will take full advantage of what the EWP has to offer.

Depending on the design, accessibility is either via steps at the end of the pit or through a personnel access panel built into the platform.

As checking procedures can sometimes be overlooked, rope tension switches have been fitted and will be activated in the event of restriction to the downward movement of the platform.

Evolving Workshop Technologies Pty Ltd can arrange a scheduled maintenance program. Alternatively your workshop or garage can follow the simple maintenance schedule provided in the User’s Manual. Components for the EWP are easily sourced from hydraulic suppliers, electrical wholesalers or lifting gear specialists.

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