Integration of equipment into a service or inspection pit fitted with an elevating work platform (EWP) further increases efficiency.

Suspension shaker plates with pit cover

Suspension shaker plates located either side of the pit so all testing can be completed while vehicle is over the pit

Brake roller testers over workshop pit cover

Brake rollers are integrated into the walls of the pit

Brake roller testers integrated into workshop pit

Guards for the brake roller testers to avoid injury


Customised accessories to further enhance productivity in the workplace are available.

Mobile stair / steps for workshop pit accessory

The mobile steps are particularly handy when two or more technicians are working under a vehicle.

Gear box trolley jack pit accessory

The EWP is used to easily position the gear box jack to the pit side rails.

Removable bridge for workshop pit for heavy drive over

Enables the pit to be utilised as workshop floor space if the Maximum Rated Capacity (MRC) of the platform is to be exceeded.


The EWP offers more options when  performing oil changes in pits.

Oil change pit design for speed

Oil pan on trolley raised and lowered by the pit platform to avoid manual lifting.

Oil change options in workshop pit

Oil drum with extending funnel.

Oil changes in pit - drain oil in pit

“Wet-pit” operation, waste fluids (eg oils & lubricants) are drained directly into the base of the pit and then pumped into a holding tank to be treated prior to disposal


Additional accessories can be adapted or designed to suit individual workshop applications to further increase the productivity of the EWP.