Vehicle types

Earthmoving, construction, trucks, utes, ride-on lawnmowers

Advantages of EWP

Diverse fleet is readily accommodated
Change lawn mower blades without straining
No hoist columns to adjust or re-arrange for each vehicle
Toolbox and equipment can accompany technician on the platform into the pit

Pit covered using the shaker plates

Suspension shaker plates incorporated into the pit enables in-house testing

Workshop pit cover with ventilation fan

Ventilation fan incorporated into the EWP floor

Workshop pit safety

Shires are able to service the entire fleet over a pit fitted with an EWP

Case study: Wyong Shire, NSW

Industry type: Local Government with 2 workshop depots
Installed: (1) 2008 Charmhaven depot (2) 2009 Long Jetty depot (3) 2010 Charmhaven depot
Workshop: (1) 2 bays (2) 1 bay (3) 2 bays
Installation type: (1) Retrofit existing pit (2) New pit (3) Retrofit existing pit
Pit length: (1)  m  (2) m (3) m
Platform: (1) Grated floor, standard  (2) Grated floor, standard (3) Grated floor, slimline platform

Wyong Shire Council’s fleet manager, Len Persson, recognised the potential of the EWP to suit the large variation of the Shire’s fleet from the onset when he saw it presented on ABC TV’s New Inventors program in 2005.   The Shire’s entire fleet is serviced in-house.  This encompasses machinery from the ride-on lawn mowers to graders to prime movers so mechanic access to the various undercarriages has to be quickly adaptable.  The EWP in the mechanics’ pit meets this demand readily unlike column hoists which require moving, adjusting and extra equipment when vehicle size varies.

With a large fleet of vehicles and oil changes being a major part of the work schedule, the Shire’s Charmhaven depot had developed a very efficient “wet pit” operation.  To retain this proficiency the customisations included in the Shire’s EWP design was to have the platform built with a metal grating floor instead of the usual metal plate.  This allowed the waste fluids to drain through to the base of the pit for pumping into the treatment holding tank.

With performance targets to be met annually by the Shire’s Plant and Fleet Service Unit, the EWP had to prove its efficiency.  Even after several years of operation, the EWP continued to deliver a 20% improved efficiency of the workshop pit.   With the proven increased productivity of the EWP, it was decided to upgrade the Shire’s Long Jetty workshop, installing a new pit fitted with an EWP.  This platform was fitted with an aluminium grated floor to also enable the “wet pit” operation.  Not long after this installation, the Shire’s next upgrade was to install another EWP into their older existing pit at Charmhaven. When customising the EWP for this retrofit, the Shire took advantage of the new slim frame platform developed specifically for existing pits where pit depth needs be maximised for optimum platform adjustments.

Workshop pit oil changing equipment

“Wet pit” operation still possible with the EWP with a grated platform floor.

Garage pit cover for safety

Pit safely covered immediately after working increasing workshop floor space.

Workshop steel pit cover

Wyong Shire installs the second EWP to a new pit. Wyong Shire now has 3 EWPs.
Note: photo taken prior to underground conduit and cabling being covered

Case study: Hilltops Council – Harden Depot, NSW

Industry type: Local Government Shire Council
Installed: 2017
Workshop:  4 bays
Installation type: New pit
Pit length: 10m
Pit depth: 2000mm
Platform:  Steel plate floor, standard EWP frame

Accommodating graders, trucks, lawnmowers, utes and a variety of road fleet vehicles.

Grader Maintenance over the PIt

Grader undercarriage accessed readily over the workshop pit

Grader maintenance over workshop pit

Grader blade maintenance and servicing over the workshop pit using an elevating work platform enables the mechanic comfortable and easy access.

Grader servicing over pit with elevating platform

The elevating platform in the pit adjusts readily to all heights encountered underneath the grader.

Case study: Falls Creek Resort, Vic

Industry type: Ski resort, privately governed
Installed: 2017
Workshop:  4 bays
Installation type: Retrofit existing pit
Pit length: 6m
Pit depth: 1800mm
Platform:  Grated floor, standard EWP frame

Accommodating snow ploughs, loaders and utes.  A grated platform floor was chosen to prevent water from pooling on the workshop floor as the snow melted from the equipment during servicing, creating a workplace hazard.

Grader Maintenance over Workshop Pit

Some of the fleet at Falls Creek Resort

Workshop pit cover for oil changes

Grated platform floor to allow water from the melting snow to collect at the base of the pit instead of pooling on the workshop floor.

Drive over workshop pit cover

Pit safely covered immediately after working increasing workshop floor space.  SWL of 900kg tested with the front section of the fleet ute.


“The staff started a little sceptical but are now more than happy with the platform. It’s made the area a lot safer. Especially at night…. Rather than it (the pit floor) being set at the one height and having to improvise with stools … it’s now done with the press of a button on the remote.”

Len Persson, Maintenance Manager Wyong Shire Council

“It has made a lot of unpleasant jobs much easier to work on, like the tar trucks”

Andrew, Workshop Mechanic Wyong Shire Council

“Services are about 15-20% quicker now with the EWP”

Terry Campbell, Workshop Supervisor Wyong Shire Council

“The mechanics simply drive the vehicle over the pit and adjust the platform via remote control to a suitable working height. When not in use the platform is left in the raised position providing extra floor space and eliminating the possibility of someone falling in the open pit”

“It makes their job a lot easier, they can now wheel their tool box on and lower themselves down to the correct height and work on the vehicle. Rather than it being set at the one height and having to improvise with stools to adjust their own height, it’s now done with the press of a button on the remote”

“It has made a lot of unpleasant jobs much easier to work on, like the tar trucks”

Positive feedback from the Shire was quickly received from the first EWP installation and included:, Wyong Shire Council

“Removing and refitting the belly plates is much easier on the grader.”

Mechanic, Hilltops Council – Harden Depot