Vehicle types

Loaders, excavators, graders, cranes, skid steers, back hoes, trucks, tip trucks, trailers, utes, escort vehicles, traffic control vehicles etc
Earth-moving and construction machinery is difficult to hoist due to size, weight, tracks, axles etc

Advantages of EWP

Difficulties with diverse vehicle undercarriage encountered in earthmoving/construction machinery is overcome by adjusting the EWP height
Trailers and equipment can remain hitched
Drive through bays promote faster servicing and regular mandatory inspections
Service crew can access all levels of the vehicle at the same time
Quickest access to the undercarriage
Toolboxes can be loaded onto the EWP
Reduces fleet downtime

EWT has designed a re-deployable workshop facility to suit remote crews.  Mechanics can safely work under vehicles in the field with our self-contained mobile workshops.

Grader Maintenance over Workshop Pit

Fleets with a large variation in equipment benefit the most with an EWP in pit

Roadworks grader maintenance

EWP adjusts to the height required on any section of the grader

Shire Council Road Maintenance Workshop Pit

Heavy machinery can be difficult to lift with hoists