The Northern Territory Government’s new Motor Vehicle Inspection Facility located at Truck Central (Wishart) is now complete and is due to open on 30 March 2020 for heavy vehicle inspections and light vehicle inspection services will be available from 14 April 2020.

The drive-through shed  has 2 x 20m long pits, allowing 2 fully configured quad road trains to be inspected at the same time with no need to disconnect any trailers!  Brake testers and suspension shakers were installed adjacent to the pits allowing these tests to be performed while vehicles are over the pits.

Both pits are each fitted with 2 elevating work platforms which can be independently controlled.  Shorter vehicles will require the use of only one platform exposing only part of the pit, leaving the remainder of the pit to be safely covered by the other platform at floor level.  The two pits are connected via an underground tunnel so staff can move between the pits when the platforms are down.

During vehicle undercarriage inspections, the inspectors can easily adjust the height of the platforms with a hand-held remote to better access areas for visibility.  As the depth of the pit can be changed with the platforms, the pits will suit the inspection of cars, commercial vehicles, light trucks, road trains, buses, etc without steps or straining, speeding up the inspection process.

Workshop pit with platform and cover

Change the depth of the workshop pit