Our Operations Manager, Hew McDonald, visited Centerville, Iowa, US in August to assist with the installation of the first Elevating Work Platform (EWP) to a new workshop pit. The new pit belongs to our United States Licencee, EWT America. Stephen Gardener heads up this organisation and is keen to get the word out about our EWPs for auto garages, shops and workshops. The EWP had its final checks prior to being demonstrated to the locals and some already interested groups. Looking forward to making workshops more productive and safer across the US.

Garage service pit cover

Garage pit is safely covered by the EWP

auto shop service pit cover

The service pit base can be accessed by 2 panels in the platform floor

Comfortable vehicle access

Comfortable access at any required height

control panel and hydraulic pump

Control Panel and hydraulic pump located near the EWP

fast access to the vehicle undercarriage

Platform can be raised or lowered to suit the height of the mechanic and the height of the vehicle undercarriage

EWP access panel

Access panel in the platform floor to gain access to the pit base

Servicing a wide range of vehicle types

Workshop pit is versatile for all types of machinery, equipment or vehicles