AIMEX (Asia-Pacific’s International Mining Exhibition) was held in Sydney over 3 days at the end of August 2017. Over the duration of the exhibition we were able to share the benefits of having an elevating work platform (EWP) in the vehicle maintenance pits to mining maintenance personnel. Visitors were keen to hear the feedback from our existing major mining customers, Mt Isa Mines and LGL Ballarat Goldfields. LGL installed the EWP in 2008 in their new maintenance pit. The EWP has been an integral part of their machinery maintenance operation for almost 10 years and is still performing strong but more importantly, continues to save significant time on their maintenance schedule.
Our Redeployable Workshop Facility was also centre of a number of discussions between visitors and other delegates. Many keen to see the first prototype which will be completed soon.
The exhibition also gave us a chance to monitor the technological advances in the mining industry and the projected direction mining will take in Australia.