Porter Group, New Zealand’s largest construction equipment sales and rental company are in the final construction stages of their new state-of-the-art global headquarters in Hamilton.  This facility will be a key stepping stone into the New Zealand market for the innovative Elevating Work Platform (EWP) fitted to workshop service pits.

Evolving Workshop Technologies’, EWP overcomes the set height limitations of the mechanical service pit which was beginning to be loose favour for the variable height adjustment found with the workshop hoist.  Quick to realise the benefits of the EWP, the Porter Group, NZ changed the original plans for a 1.5m deep prefabricated steel drop-in pit to a 2m deep pit fitted with the EWP, increasing height variance even further which suited the height variances found with their construction machinery range.  The modification to include an EWP in the 15m long pit also improved safety as the EWP acts as a pit safety cover.  Capable of taking loads of 900kg as the minimum standard, the safety cover (EWP) is immediately in place upon the completion of work, at floor level, expanding workshop floor space with no trip hazards.

Contracted by MAHA, the supplier for the workshop fit-out, Evolving Workshop Technologies now licences MAHA to supply and install the EWP throughout New Zealand keeping manufacturing within the local economy.